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Applications to Industrial Wastes

Bioaugmentation and Biostimulation enhance the performance of indigenous bacteria through the addition of bacterial strains with specific activities. EUROBIO SA has develops specific products to optimise industrial degradation and digestion of water waste and land treatments.


Industrial waste water treatmentsEUROBIO SA has developed advanced treatments optimised for food processing, municipal waste, pumping station and lift station. We are using Bacillus strain not in spore form that has unique capabilities to degrade and digests fats and greases, short and long chain fatty acids, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates from animal or plant origin.


In conjunction with formulated Bacillus strain, EUROBIO SA has also developed a specific aerobic grease digester engineered to enhance the degradation of severe grease build-ups to get faster results.




Treatment of contaminated soilEUROBIO SA has developed an advanced biological treatment used to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons including petrol, diesel, jet fuel and heating oils. We are using specific strains not in spore form that have unique capabilities to degrade and digests oils quickly.


In addition to Bioaugmentation, EUROBIO SA treatment of oil contaminated environments involves the use of Biostimulation (the addition of nutrients) to stimulate the indigenous microbial populations and get faster results.