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Products and Solutions

EUROBIO SA offers economic solutions for effective management of organic waste treatment, while respecting costs, risks and regulations constrains.


Our Added Value : Alliance engineering

The core of the value of our offer is to combine high concentrated specific bacteria strains with EUROBIO SA specific aerobic grease digester patent in order to get a powerfull solution to treat wastes.


Our services : Audit, Consulting and Technical AssistanceEUROBIO SA workes along with Industries to treat efficiently their organic waste by acting on the management of the waste, by improving the centralisation process of the waste and by minimising costs and associated risks.

Assessement of water plants, training sessions, feasibility studies in laboratory, pilot validation on site are part of our product offer. We serve Industries in all steps of organic waste water treatment, from the implementation of the system to the daily follow-up optimisation of a powerfull biological treatment that reaches sustainable results.