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Industrial clients

EUROBIO SA is providing a biotechnology solutions that serves a large spectrum of clients: water treatments companies, consultants and maintenance services specialised in waste treatments. Our technology can be used to engineer and adapt microorganisms in an effort to find sustainable ways to cleanup contaminated environments.


Waste Treatment market for industryWaste and water treatments markets represents a high potential. Building water treatment, grease waste treatment and depollution of polluted lands by hydrocarbons represent expensive and complexes issues.

EUROBIO SA is working for over 10 years with major waste and water treatments groupes. Experience added to technology has contributed to develope extremely powerfull solutions that focuse on biotreatments.


Research and Support

Our customised in-house engineered fermentation technologies serves to perform the development of a variety of unique, natural and advanced eco-friendly solutions with high degradation faculties. EUROBIO SA has a dedicated team to help your activity to perform this market.


EUROBIO SA is a member of the E.F.B. (European Federation of Biotechnology) and the Biotechnologies France.