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Who are we ?


EUROBIO SA is specialised in development, production and distribution of microorganisms used in a wide range of applications. EUROBIO SA ‘s active microorganisms are used in the cleaning of surfaces such as carpet, concrete, drain lines, and septic tanks in industrial and household applications as well as industrial and municipal wastewater treatments.


EUROBIO SA is focusing on providing high tech solutions that uses bioremediation process. Microorganisms can be extremely efficient in producing very specific enzymes and other bacteria to absorb organics. We specialise in researching the augmentation of natural degradation processes using microbial organisms.


Our customised in-house engineered fermentation technology has served as a platform for the development of a variety of unique, natural and eco-friendly microorganisms


We have developed specialised skills and techniques in selective microbial screening, in which we look for enzyme production capabilities, and extensive microbial production in responses to relevant environmental conditions factors, as well as production properties and compatibility with key product ingredients.


All our production microorganisms are classified as Biological Safety Level 1 organisms, which are non-harmful to humans, animals and plants. We then combine multiple strains of our specially selected bacteria and natural chemistries to provide a wide variety of stable and advanced environmentally friendly products for the degradation of organic wastes. Our solutions are in the right path of the Sustainable developement following 3 principles: