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Institutional clients

EUROBIO SA is providing biotechnology solutions that serves a large spectrum of clients: formulators and manufacturers, distributors and resellers, maintenance and prevention services providers. Our biotechnology is used to engineer and to adapt microorganisms in an effort to find sustainable ways to cleanup contaminated environments.


Commercial and Industrial Markets

Commercial and Industrial clients have to balance between maintenance issues and expensive treatments creatingof discomfort and pollution.

Our microbians solutions are ideally suited to degrade contaminant cleaning by producing natural enzymes and surfactants. Unlike chemical products, our technologies provide safe usages for deeper cleaning, longer odour control, and powerful maintenance solutions, grease and soil removers.


Research and Support

Our research team is using customised in-house engineered fermentation technologies which facilitate the development of a variety of unique, natural and advanced eco-friendly solutions with high degradation faculties. EUROBIO SA has a dedicated team to help you from the formulation to the actual sell of the product in a wide range of applications from cleaning & degreasing, maintenance and prevention to odour control.


EUROBIO SA is a member of the E.F.B. (European Federation of Biotechnology) and the Biotechnologies France.